What is Renaissance Live?


Renaissance Live is the weekly live Balance, Strength and Mobility training programme from Renaissance MSP.

Renaissance Live consists of 3 separate sessions, each tailored to a different skill level, delivered live once per week then available for the rest of that week to repeat at your leisure.

All sessions have a wide range within them to cater for everyone doing them. As with all Renaissance sessions each individual participant is empowered to work at their own pace and own level. Everyone doing the sessions will be working depending on their bodies, their history and their capacity. 

All 3 Live sessions will be on a Monday, will begin on February 22nd and are:

9.30am: Chair Based Renaissance Live


This is the Renaissance version of the classic Chair based exercise programme. Our session will focus on all the elements of a normal chair session, but with the addition of our focus on Balance and Mobility. This Live class will be 45 minutes long.

11am: Moderate/Intermediate Live 

The Moderate class will be a classic Renaissance MSP Balance and Movement focused session, exploring whole body movements, some isolation strength exercises, specific balance exercises and resistance band exercises. This session is for people with some mobility but who are feeling like their balance, strength and mobility could be helped, particularly after the last year of lockdowns and shielding. The moderate class will be 45 minutes long

2pm: Advanced Live

The Advanced Live class will contain all of the exercises in the Moderate Class, but increased in challenge for balance, strength and mobility alongside new exercises and ideas on improving yourself. It is designed for those who feel like their balance and strength is currently in a positive place, but would like to improve further. The advanced class will be 45 minutes long. 


Renaissance Live is £20 / Month, purchased through the Plans & Pricing page. 

What you get

For £20 / Month you get access to all the Live sessions on a Monday, then continued access to those sessions for the following week. So you could join the Intermediate Live session on Monday then decide you want to try the Advanced class on Thursday. Or you might do the Chair based session on Monday then try the intermediate session on Friday at your leisure. 

For an example of a session, go to our Youtube page and watch a shorter session. 

This is your opportunity to make a fundamental change to your strength, balance and mobility. Join the Renaissance MSP Live sessions today and fundamentally change your life for the better. 

Click here for the Plans and Pricing page and sign up today