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You don't need years of training to move in complex ways.

Updated: Jun 3

One of the interesting challenges in creating a movement programme for a population who don't normally move in complex ways is getting them to believe they can move in complex ways without years of training.

What do I mean by complex ways? This means where you are doing a range of different movements with different body parts at once. So doing a half turn with your legs one way and moving your upper body and arms the other, maybe with a bend in the torso as well.

This is opposed to simple ways, where you might be lifting a weight in your hand doing a bicep strength exercise. This is a simple action.

One of the myths of sport and movement based activities we might participate in in studios or gyms is that you need to be training in these activities for many years before you are able to achieve a semblance of complexity and understanding in your own experience of them.

If you are training to be an olympic athlete or a professional dancer, then yes it does take years of committed training to hit those heights of complexity, but if you aren't training for this and you want to achieve complexity in your movement there is a much simpler path.

The way to achieving this path quickly and easily comes down to 2 things. The first is a process of the learning of the movement pathways in a stepped and structured way that enables anyone of any experience to learn quickly and easily.

The second way to achieving this is to invite your participants to experience these movement pathways for themselves in their own bodies, rather than look at the instructor and try to copy their movement.

Looking at someone else's movement and trying to copy it exactly is an intensely complex skill and one in which dancers and movement professionals take years and years to master. For whatever reason, when new participants go to classes where this is how you learn movement, they are expected to be able to do this.

In our Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme each session has simple and structured movement processes and you work these processes how you wish to and in your own time.

You don't copy me, you don't try to be me, you explore you. And in doing so you explore complex movements in complex ways within 5 minutes of starting session 1.

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