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What are you getting fitter for?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This is a question I have asked a number of people in the last year. People doing weights, running the streets, doing yoga classes. What are you doing this for? And I often get a look that is a mix of pity and incomprehension. ‘To get fitter/stronger/faster’. And I then ask ‘yes but what for?’ Cue further pity and incomprehension.

You don’t necessarily have to have an answer to this question, but I believe if you can really give yourself a clear, actionable and specific answer, you are more likely to keep pursuing your fitness goal than if you don’t. Look at the numbers of people who start the new year with gym memberships and fitness ambitions and don’t go back after week 3. Their plan? To get fitter. For what? And what fitter are they talking about? No wonder they give up. They have no specific or detailed goal to work towards that motivates them enough to keep at it.

This is the beauty of our Renaissance programme. There is a very specific goal we are pursuing. We aren’t saying do Renaissance and you will get fitter. Too general... and not specific about what fitness we are talking about.

What we are saying is... 'do our Renaissance programme and your balance will improve through a mix of increased strength in your legs and your upper back, increased proprioception throughout your whole body, improved awareness of your body in space and an experience of random movements that will begin to make you prepared for the random experience that is a fall, should that ever happen'.

This is specific, clear and actionable. What are you doing Renaissance for? 'To get stronger and to give myself the best preparation if I fall over'.

Remember, we aren’t promising you won’t fall over. What we are giving you is the best preparation if you do.

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