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Talking about ageing

Updated: Jun 3

Why do we avoid conversations about getting older? I don’t mean the joking conversations about coffin dodging and spending the kids inheritance, but the conversations about the reality of ageing, the feeling of losing strength, that moment when you suddenly realise you are worried about going to the shops because it has been raining and you just don’t feel confident with wet footpaths anymore, the conversations with friends who haven’t seen you for a while and don’t understand that you have lost confidence in your steps.

I know that these examples are quite extreme, but they are based on conversations I have had with a range of people in the past year. Why don’t we discuss it? Is it because it forces us to engage with our own mortality? Some of us just find hard conversations impossible to begin with. Is it because we have to engage with the mortality of our loved ones? Sometimes harder to talk about than our own.

But the consequences of not talking about diminishing strength and diminishing balance and therefore not doing something about it are that your quality of life decreases and continues to decrease as your strength and mobility also decrease.

Let’s talk about these things. Get onto the Renaissance programme, increase your strength, mobility and balance and increase your quality of life. There is no reason to avoid these conversations. Now there is a solution and a space where we do talk about these things. That solution is Renaissance.

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