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The psychological and behaviour impact of balance and a fear of falling

Updated: Jun 3

Experiencing a challenge to our balance doesn’t only impact our physical health. A significant part of a decreasing ability to balance is the associated changes that happen to our psychology around if we can do certain things, and the subsequent behaviour changes we make to compensate for this.

This can play out in a couple of different ways.

You have been feeling a bit less sure on your feet for a couple of weeks. It has been raining outside. Normally you might go for a walk but you become concerned you are going to slip on the wet footpath. You don’t go out.

You are out and about shopping or seeing friends. You have been in some shops and while there it has rained. To get home you have two choices. Up some stairs that are slick with the previous rain or the longer way around with ramps etc… You choose the ramps for fear of slipping on slick steps.

A friend invites you to join them in seeing somewhere new, a different environment than you are used to. You politely decline because you don’t know what the ground is going to be like. Will it be cobbled? Steep? A new environment = unknown challenge and potentially falling.

You wander down into your garden to do some maintenance and you suddenly realise you aren’t as confident on the steps as you used to be. When something to lean on or hold onto becomes available you reach for it automatically as you are worried about going over. You don’t trust yourself so you incrementally stop using your balance.

None of the above have been made up. These all come from people who have been Renaissance participants over the past 2 years.

The outcome of these examples is people didn’t go out. Didn’t see friends, didn’t have new experiences. They became more isolated, and there is clear evidence that isolation is not good for our psychological health.

So do something about it. Doing our Renaissance programme will increase your strength and mobility. The consequence of this is an increase in confidence in your ability to deal with a variety of environments. This then means you get out and about, see friends, do new things and those psychological challenges of a diminished balance are no longer a factor in your life.

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To buy our Renaissance programme click here

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