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Post - Covid Balance Exercises

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What a time the last year has been.

So if you are like everyone else, you might be getting prepared to get out and about in a way you haven't done for more than 12 months.

How has your last year been physically? Have you been keeping up your exercise? Getting stronger or fitter? This isn't a trick question, but probably a question you need to be asking yourself as you are heading out and about.

Because the reality is that if you have moved less in the last year than normal, and the available research says that people have moved a significant 30% less, then you need to be more careful and more aware of your surroundings than before, particularly if it has been raining.

But this is where our Renaissance sessions come in. They build your balance awareness as you move. They make you stronger. They make you more aware of your body as you move and especially as you go over different terrain. They give you more tools to manage the world.

But Renaissance isn't a 'fitness' class, or a 'gym' session. It is a gentle and progressive movement programme that makes your balance better and your body stronger.

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