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If it’s not burning and you’re not sweating...

Updated: Jun 21

If it’s not burning and you’re not sweating, it’s not doing anything is nonsense.

This is the language of the Jane Fonda years. Make it burn people, get those muscles burning…..Go hard or go home...... This is only one way of exercising and developing strength in muscles. There are countless ways of becoming stronger and fitter.

This masochistic attitude toward training and toward improving your body is the dominant idea for the majority of people who train in strength and fitness. But it isn’t the only way, and in my opinion, it is far from the best way. The challenge is this. For many years the loudest voices have been telling us that this masochistic fitness method is ‘the only way’ to get fitter and stronger. That if you aren’t pushing heavier and heavier weights, if you aren’t sore for two days after every session, that you won’t be getting fitter and stronger.

And we have all believed this nonsense.

So then when, at the age of 65 or 70, you realise that you have lost strength in your stride, you are a little wobbly on your legs and you need to do something about it, what happens? You look to the only places that are known as strength and fitness centres and the only way to get fitter and stronger, the go hard or go home attitude and think ‘I don’t want to do that’.

It isn’t the only way. In fact it isn’t the right way at all. I don’t even think it is the right way if you are a professional athlete. The great Firas Zahabi, one of the world’s greatest martial artists and MMA trainers is a firm believer in not burning, not breaking yourself in training and not being sore the next day. His athletes are world champions.

If you want to get stronger on your balance, increase your fitness, gain improved proprioception and be better prepared if you have the unfortunate event of a fall, the best option is Renaissance.

This is slow, continuous movement that increases fitness, strength and body awareness. It will change how you move and how you feel you are able to engage with the world

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