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6 main reasons your balance might be changing as you age

Updated: Jun 3

1. Your muscles are getting weaker – As we age, and we don’t work on our strength, we get weaker. This is obvious, but people seem surprised when they go to do something they used to do easily, and it has become hard. Renaissance will help this and make you stronger

2. Your muscles are getting slower – when your muscles are ageing, it is the fast muscle fibres that disappear the quickest. Our exercises do something about this.

3. Your proprioception has probably decreased – How often have you really tuned in to what is happening with your body? For the majority of us, probably not very often. This is where practice really pays dividends. The more you tune in to what your body feels like, the greater your awareness will grow. Our Renaissance programme will improve your proprioception significantly

4. Your movement patterns have been habituated in the wrong way. You will have been leaning forward for years, looking at computers, driving, reading. This is just life, but the resultant structure of your body means you have become flexed in your torso and will have diminished capacity to extend. Posture and habitual resting patterns aren't set in stone. The Renaissance programme increases torso extension.

5. If you have been doing any strength work, it has probably been in the frontal plane, not in rotation. Most strength programmes focus on strength in the front plane, and also in symmetrical patterns. Life is lived in rotation and in asymmetrical patterns. Renaissance will pattern your strength in rotational planes.

6. You have never done exercises with your balance as a focus. One of the more fascinating insights in building this Renaissance programme has been when new people come along, start the balancing elements and proclaim that their balance is rubbish. I ask when they last practiced balancing and they look at me as though I am daft. There are very few exercises available to the non-athlete/non-dancer that focus on balance. And if you haven’t practiced it, why would you be good at it? The whole focus of Renaissance is on balance and ultimately as a Falls Prevention programme.

To do something about your balance, get on to our Renaissance programme and start doing some slow, no impact sessions today.

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