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Updated: Jun 3

What is fitness? When we talk about it, how are we defining fitness? Are we talking about fitness in terms of VO2 max, the amount of oxygen we take into our lungs as we are pushing ourselves within a cardiovascularly challenging exercise? Are we talking about endurance, so we know we have increased our fitness when we can walk a certain distance and know we are getting faster and we don’t need to stop? These are just two of the physiologically focused fitness markers we might use to measure how our bodies are changing in response to exercises.

Or should we be talking about fitness in terms of our capacity to be in the world and to do what we desire to do? For example, if I have a diminished movement capacity due to inactivity and muscle atrophy, then my fitness to walk around in varied circumstances, cobbled streets, wet footpaths etc… is low.

But if I engage with the Renaissance programme for a number of weeks and I improve my movement capacity and can walk those same varied circumstances without fear, then I have increased my fitness.

So let’s talk about fitness as it pertains to each of our individual lives. Fitness doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Someone might want to run a 7 minute mile. Someone else might want to be able to play with their grandchildren for 20 minutes without feeling worn out. We all have unique experiences of the world, unique bodies and unique needs. We need to think about what it is we want to be fitter for, then do what we need to do to meet that goal.

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