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Change takes time and commitment

Updated: Jun 3

Our Renaissance programme is designed as a 20 week programme. We have Ten 30-ish minute long sessions and our recommendation is you do these sessions twice per week for 2 weeks before you move on to the next. You don’t have to do this if you want to do it differently, but this is our recommendation.

This might seem like a long time. After all, 20 weeks is pretty close to ½ a year. You might think this is quite a long time to be developing this balance strength and movement. You would be right. It is quite a long time. There is a reason for this.

You might have seen a lot of different ads for fitness/yoga/flexibility/strength programmes online. 14-day strength challenge…….21 day flexibility challenge…….get stronger, build muscle in our 30 day campaign……..etc…..

These are just hooks to get you in to paying for fitness programmes, but the sell is telling you that a short commitment will pay dividends. This is nonsense. Just. Not. True.

If you want to be better at anything, it is going to take consistent commitment to practice and improve over a decent amount of time to see results. This isn’t two weeks or four weeks. This is 4 months, 6 months, a year.

There are a range of differing opinions in terms of the exact time, but to change habits or to make new habits takes time and consistent repetition to achieve. I think the reality of the exact time it takes is different for everyone, but the element that isn’t is the fact that it takes time.

In terms of our Renaissance programme it takes time for your body to learn how to move from one position in our exercise to another, to balance differently, to use your upper body differently, to understand a more complicated ‘feeling’ of how you are moving in space.

It takes time.

This isn’t to say you aren’t going to notice changes quite quickly. You will. But because you notice a change quickly doesn’t mean that you are now ‘fixed’ or ‘sorted’. Because you won’t be. You need to keep going, ring-fence your practice, make a habit of it and make sure no-one can take that time from you.

Remember that balance and mobility are life skills, and a consistent practice of these skills through doing our Renaissance programme is going to continue to pay dividends for years to come.

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