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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What is the Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme?

The Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme is a series of slow exercise sessions designed for the older population. The Renaissance MSP is a falls prevention programme and the focus is to build strength in a range of specific areas in order to positively impact balance, full body strength, proprioception (body awareness) and your ability to deal with a random event like a slip or a fall.

The Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme has at its core a philosophy of slow exercise, slow strength, randomisation of movement and an understanding that you are different from everyone else, therefore how you move and how you need to develop to get stronger and more agile will also be different to everyone else.

Therefore at the centre of the programme is the premise that you find your way through it in your way.

The feedback that we have had from our participants tells us the following things can happen as a result of doing the Renaissance Movement and Strength programme..

Your balance becomes stronger

You become more active inside and outside of the house

You become more confident going to new places

You become more confident when walking after it has been raining

Everyday tasks become easier.

You are able to visit more friends

You won’t have to take a rest when you are out and about as you have more stamina

You are able to play for longer with your grandchildren

As you do more of the programme your progress will accelerate.

You are able to feel changes happening in a couple of sessions.

Family members will be able to see changes happening in you.

You are able to deal with physical challenges better.

You feel more excitement about the future

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#strength #balance #slowmovement #slowexercise #slowstrength

#strength #balance #slowmovement

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