Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a process of transitioning out of a chair in the Renaissance Programme?

There are many different ways you can move from a chair to standing and then back to the chair in the programme. In the film below, Ben gives a brief overview of different ways you can think about this, including working with a stick. 


Ben talking through transitioning out of a chair

2. My balance is already fine, why would I need to do this? 

This programme is for anyone at any stage of their balance abilities. If you are struggling with your balance, the programme will significantly change this and get you on your feet and balancing quickly. If you are already strong on your feet, the programme will make you even stronger, will improve your range of motion, will build your proprioception and will give you a physical confidence and range of skills you never thought you would have. 

3. Is this programme aimed at a particular age group?

The Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme is for anyone who wants to improve their balance. There are no age limits, and no physical ability rules. If you are 75 and want to improve your balance, it is for you. If you are 25 and want to improve your balance, it is for you. If you are any age, are getting over an illness and feel a little unsteady on your feet, it is for you. If you are a fitness instructor and want to focus on your balance, this programme is for you.