Renaissance MSP Taster Session 1 

The first taster session begins with an introduction talking through the variable nature of how you can engage with this programme. This is followed by short excerpts from the First session, giving you a sense of how we begin the whole programme. 

Some extra information about the Renaissance Home Programme:


We have designed this programme so you do each session 2 times a week for 2 weeks before you move on to the next one. This is our guideline, but of course how you do it is up to you. Whatever your situation in terms of balance, please do start at session 1. Each of the sessions has small but significant changes from the previous session.


Make sure you feel comfortable with what you are doing before you move on. To be honest, you could do each session twice a week for a month and that would also be great. Whatever you do, have fun and really enjoy how your balance and strength change. 

In each of the sessions we use Resistance bands to do some basic strength exercises. As we go further into the programme, these exercises get more complex and challenging, although not so much that they are too difficult or scary. As an option of one of the packages, we can send you two different strength bands. These are latex free and are excellent starter levels to see you through the programme. When these no longer challenge you, just let us know and for £5 we will send you the next two levels of Resistance Band strength. 

Finally, if at any point you need to stop, then stop. If you need to use a chair for support or a wall or anything that can help, then please do. Remember to go at a pace that feels comfortable and be responsible for your needs. 

Renaissance MSP Taster session 2

This Second Taster session is a film of a facebook live Renaissance MSP session delivered on the 23rd June 2020. This is a longer taster experience and gives you a sense of the flow of the programme and the different elements and exercises involved.

Good balance is not something that some 'lucky people' are just 'born with'... you can have it too!

Renaissance MSP can help you to develop excellent balance and strength at every stage of your life!

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