Renaissance MSP is a targeted strength and balance programme

that develops 'daily life movement' confidence through a series of movement exercises that increase in complexity and level of challenge as you move through the programme. 

Renaissance MSP can help you to develop excellent balance and strength at every stage of your life!

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The Renaissance Movement & Strength Home Programme is a twenty week movement programme specifically targeting balance, strength, range of movement and body awareness. The focus of the whole programme is to develop your ability to balance, make you stronger throughout your whole body, and give you an increased capacity to deal with random events like falling. 


We all come to wanting to improve our balance and strength from different life experiences.


  • Maybe you are feeling that you aren’t strong enough in your ankles and hips to deal with uneven surfaces on roads.


  • Maybe you reached for something high up in your kitchen and just couldn’t keep the balance and strength necessary to get it


  • Maybe you have fallen over in the last little while. Remember, falling over isn’t the preserve of the elderly. Plenty of people from all walks of life and all ages slip and fall, and often break things, every year.


  • Maybe you are feeling the impact of being older than you feel and have suddenly realised your balance isn’t particularly good anymore?


  • Maybe you are recovering from an injury or something like M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and you are looking for a gentle programme to help you to feel secure on your feet.


  • Maybe your balance has never been good and you'd like to train it to be really great!

And maybe you have a friend or relative for whom one or more of the above points is relevant.

Good balance is not something that some 'lucky people' are just 'born with'... you can have it too!

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'falling is not inevitable... you can train your balance skills and do something about it!'

Benjamin Dunks, creator of Renaissance MSP

Would you like better balance and a stronger body? Have you been feeling that your balance just isn't as good as it once was? Have you been feeling that you just aren't as confident as you used to be when climbing stairs or walking over uneven surfaces? You might also be worried about falling over. Our Renaissance programme is the answer you have been looking for.

The Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme is a gentle and no-impact set of movement exercises designed for you to do in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Because you are in charge of how fast or slow you go, you can alter what you do and how you do it depending on how you feel at any time. 

The sessions are designed to be done over 20 weeks, with each session explored for two weeks before moving onto the next. 

While we have designed the programme in this way, the nature of what we are doing means you can create your own timetable and move faster or slower through the programme as you wish. 

Renaissance MSP can help you to develop excellent balance and strength at every stage of your life!

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"I can walk better and walk further than I did, my arms can stretch out more and they don't get so tired. Overall it has given me a lot more strength... I am using muscles I haven't used for years..." 

This film shows three of our amazing participants doing the last movement exercise from Session 7 in the Renaissance Programme in June of 2019. This footage was taken in the CAMERA Studio, a full body motion capture studio at Bath University.

Their movement was being captured as part of a research programme to measure the changes in their movement over the course of 6 weeks. They had been doing the programme once a week for a year.

Despite their confident movement skills and detailed awareness of their bodies in space, they had no previous 'dance' or 'movement' training. You can see in the film the incredible balance skills and strength you can achieve through doing this programme.